Jardin Cosmique -  Holokinetism - by K-soul 
Artist's statement by K-soul
A historical threshold : crossing Malevich's " White on White "   The threshold between static painting and living light painting has been expressed  by Malevich and his artwork "White on White": Malevich expresses the beyond of  this frontier by "Flight  in the infinity where the colours are semaphores".   The artist enters a world of light in which the language of creation is expressed by  metamorphosis of shapes and colors. The holokinetic artwork becomes the aircraft  on which the artist explores the mysteries of light and the cosmos.   Metaphysical exploration of mysterious dimensions :   In his holokinetic aircraft, the artist explores the mysteries of the universe and  reveals illuminated maps of fabulous horizons. The inner light of holokinetic  painting floods the space. Shapes become alive, amazing flowers are appearing and  evaporating, blazing stars are radiating, worlds are collapsing and are reemerging.   Summer inflammation and winter crystallization, autumnal death and spring  resurrection presage the meaning of our presence on earth. Metamorphosis of  shapes and colors, secret words of an universal language, a soft light in the heart  of a seed hides the mystery. Our world… At the edge of the abyss, techno-electronic enslavement threatens modern  mankind. The voyage of Dante and  Virgil at the heart of the abyss rises up in the  horizon: the infernal spiral of the mechanical forces absorbs the grind  of the  human Essence and attracts it imperceptibly in a world of earthworms; the  bewitching clatter of this Tohu- bohu lowers the Human Being to the role of a  consumer of the technological excrements. The poetic force of the spirit of the Holokinetic artworks transfigures the "techno-  telluric" uproar in a sweet melody. This poeticized technique becomes meaningful;  like the confident delivery boy, it reveals the  illuminated maps of infinite horizons  to the ones remained at the port. The process of liberation is accomplished by the discovery of the original entity in  us. The Universe runs in our veins, radiates in our nerves and passionately desires  Conscience. K-soul  
Jardin Cosmique - Light of the world - Poetic power of the Universe
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