Jardin Cosmique -  Holokinetism - by K-soul 
Autodidact artist, K-soul is the inventor of the living light  painting, also called holokinetic painting. Continuing the  research of the Expressionists, this new form of art merges  pictorial language, poetry of colours and new technologies. He  is currently the only artist to master this technique.   Combining traditional techniques and new technologies, K-soul  develops his research on the borders of art and science. His  reflection focusses on the creative forces of the universe and  his holokinetic artworks range from painting to sculpture,  installations, architecture and performance.  K-soul takes us into his "Jardin Cosmique", his fabulous  universe with a very strong and impressive coherence.  Holokinetic paintings and sculptures, cosmological diagrams, a  laboratory "atelier-gallery" defying architectural laws, this is the  universe of K-soul. In collaboration with different musicians, K-  soul presents "Symphonies Picturales" in his "Jardin Cosmique",  an innovative lumino-musical show, the dialogue between  holokinetic painting, musical performance and organic  architecture: a total artwork in the sense of Wagner’s  "Gesamtkunstwerk".   K-soul is also mountain guide. This activity may seem  paradoxical for an artist, but it allowed him to develop an  unique artistic approach based on the experience of extreme  realities. 
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Holokinetic painting by K-soul High-tech canvas of the XXIth century
*** Holokinetic painting explained by Frédéric Künzi (1950 - 2012) Art historian, independant curator at Gianadda Foundation, Martigny - CH Excerpt of the radio broadcast " Devine qui vient dîner " by Michèle Durand-Vallade Friday 3th of August 2012 - Radio Suisse Romande - La Première - Podcast M. Durand-Vallade : Why are we close to painters like Kandinksy, like Klee ? Because it is a painting which behind the forms is searching the secrets of the light, the secrets of movement in substance? A painting that searches inside the things ? F. Künzi : It's the vibration that all these painters were looking for and wanted to define, and that K-soul  realised.   ...  A friend of Leonard Gianadda sent me an email to inform me about K-soul's artworks and I have been  completely enthusiastic. Usually I curate exhibitions of painters of the 19th century as Félix Vallotton or at the  beginning of 20th century like Giacometti. My interest and curiosity led me to meet K-soul and I have been  absolutely amazed by this kind of art even though I never do non-figurative exhibitions. Usually, I have to  admit that I do not like it. I am an expert of the 19th century, but I have been absolutely enthusiastic about  the constantly changing forms and colours.   I perceived in this art, that when you speak about Jardin Cosmique, it contains everything that we can see in  the universe, this means black wholes, supernovas, white dwarfs, you can see and imagine everything and  try to figure out what K-soul wanted to express, … I remained for hours in an exhibition of K-soul, looking at  the evolving artworks, going from one to another. … I imagine also that his love for nature makes the beauty of the colours and the luminosity that we can find  in its artworks.   The work done by painters with digital tools are only a vague approach to what K-soul does, it has nothing to  do with. I think the terms "digital" or "computer" should be completely banned from our discussion and from  K-soul's artworks because they are everything but not "computer art", we really have to forget the screen and  the computer. I would say that K-soul has even gone beyond his master, Ruben Nunez, founder of "Holokinetism". There is  an evolution in comparison to the art of Nunez, a enormous and very nice evolution and I prefer by far K-  soul's art to Nunez'. In the artworks of Nunez things are much more predictable, you can even see things,  but in the artworks of K-soul there is no object that you can define, it is really the amazement of the  imagination and he went very very far beyond Nunez' work.  
K-soul [...] Looking to modern art influences including Kandinsky, Klee, and Malevich, K-soul takes an approach that  furthers these previous artists’ pursuit of the pure and the spiritual in art. Like Kandinsky, his artworks stir the  same associations with music and dance, and embody Wagner’s conception of the Gesamtkunstwerk. [...]   Taking up where Malevich left off with his Suprematist Composition: White on White, K-soul takes painting into  the future, by introducing the next logical medium: time and light. [...] “  Suzie Walshe - New York Art Magazine    "The XXIth century is represented in these holokinetic artworks. If evolution of art of XXth century was  essentially to the development of the contemporary art, possible today I have known the more avant-garde art  that I never have seen".    Carlos González - The Royal Academy of Art of San Fernando - Spain