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The holokinetic artwork arises by its inner radiant light. The new technologies allow to produce this inner light. The  light has to carry knowledge, awareness and poetry. It asks the merging of art and science.
HOLOKINETISM : From the Greek Holos: Whole, All, Unity; and Kinema: movement. K-soul and Ruben Nunez have worked together to deepen the concept of Holokinetism. Their collaboration resulted in the making of the film "Holokinetism - Ruben Nunez" in 2002.
The convergence of art, science and new technologies. Holokinetism was initiated by the Venezuelan artist Ruben Nunez. In 1974, he created at the optical institutes in Paris  and New York the first holokinetic artworks: poetic holograms. The holokinetic artwork arises by its inner light. Ruben  Nunez is also at the origin of the kinetic art in the 50s.   Ruben Nunez predicted the crossing of "White on white" by Malevich in the 21st century: "Beyond this historic  threshold, the painting will be lively and bright, the use of the electronic screen as canvas will allow the artists to create  living light paintings ... The history of art comes true BY the light. " (Ruben Nunez).  Holokinetism : New technologies dedicated to art - A new Renaissance ? A technical and scientific revolution was at the origin of the Renaissance of the 14th century. From this point of view,  what about the beginning of the 21th century with its revolution in information technologies?  We are experiencing a  technical, scientific and social evolution never seen before. All indicates that we are living a new renaissance.   The world of art is no exception to this trend. New knowledge and new technologies are fundamentally changing our  relationship to the world and our fields of artistic expression, but technology's nature is utilitarian and humans risk  becoming its slaves. We have to evolve in order to face the current challenges.   An artist is a researcher; he brings to light the mystery of the world. New technologies used for human poetry are  opening unimaginable horizons of expression. Brushes or pencils are also technological tools, but they seem innocent  compared to the hypnotic power of electronics and computing. These new tools bear the danger of covering the sense  of poetry behind a funny and interactive veil. The artist has to fill the emptiness of his tool with his mind.  K-soul  
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