Jardin Cosmique -  Holokinetism - by K-soul 
Jardin Cosmique - Chrysalis of light   The adornment of the future
Over the millenniums, the jewel reveals the steps of our evolution. It connects the man with various aspects of  the spiritual Universe. Protective or inspiring function, forms, signs, materials and stones express a profound  contemporary reality. The jewel “Jardin Cosmique” signals the emergence of consciousness, it announces the  transformation of absorbing human into radiating human. Creature determined by external circumstances,  Human becomes the creator responsible for the future world, ... The gardener of the Earth.
This jewel is a lemniscate. This interaction of two spheres creates a space for the Human’s fight. He learns and  expresses the language of the creation, he tames forces of nature. A gold ring encircles a lemniscate of dark silver. The silver, metal of the moon, is reflecting the sun. This  reflective power is obscured by sulfurical oxidation. A volition of Love must to determine our obscured mirror.  The jewel shines its personal light.  This structure of metals indicates the solar eclipse. This is a decisive moment for the moon. She has the choice  to integrate the sun and shine by itself, or replicate its journey by reflecting a cold light.   The gem stone is made from silica. It became the spot of a radiant inner light. This bright eye hides a  spiritualized neurosensorial system. The inner space of the jewel contains a siliceous electronic system. This  technological strucutre is spiritualized by the creative power of the Human Spirit. The emitting light becomes  the messenger of human poetry.
Holokinetic painting - Rutil quartz - Gold - Black silver Concept and holokinetic painting : K-soul - Technology : P-E Cherix - Jewelery : Mahesh The holokinetic painting becomes holokinetic jewel of light. This brings life into the heart of the stone. The jewel-sculpture of dancing lights, an ever-changing mysterious dance, the universe in a dewdrop. 
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